Inclusive Teaching (SEN, EAL and G&T)

Inclusive Teaching (SEN, EAL and G&T)

At IDEA Early Learning Center it is paramount that all our children can access the curriculum in a way that is meaningful to their age and stage of development. In keeping with the ethos of the UAE, we are an inclusive setting. Every day, all of our children are encouraged to achieve their potential in both social and academic aspects. The opportunities that we provide take into consideration a child’s individual needs and they are tailored to an appropriate level. All children are part of our community and we commit to using our expertise to give early intervention so that children can overcome any barriers to their learning. We know that every child is unique and will contribute to a diverse school community.

The following areas are part of our commitment to Inclusive Teaching:

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

We understand Special Educational Needs as when children need to have special education provision made for them due to a difficulty in accessing learning. This could be that in comparison to the majority of their peers they have a greater difficulty or that they have a disability which means they are hindered from accessing education facilities that are provided for the majority of children at the same age. We will always consider applications from children with Special Educational Needs but we are mindful that we want to provide children with the best educational experience possible and sometimes, we might not have the facilities, staff or environment to be able to do this. Each case is looked at on an individual basis. It is only fair to the family and the child that we accept them knowing that they can access our curriculum in way that will enable them to make enough progress.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

We understand English as an Additional Language as referring to children whose main language at home is a language other than English. These children bring cultural, linguistic and educational experiences to the Center that are highly valued. We support these children to use English to communicate but we also respect that they may, at times, use their home language.

Gifted and Talented Children (G&T)

We understand Gifted and Talented as two different elements: ‘gifted’ as a child that has an untrained, natural ability in one or more area and this can be developed to further excel, ‘talented’ as a child that utilizes their ‘gift’ for exceptional academic performance in relation to the majority of their peers. We support these children in order to ensure that they make better than expected progress from their individual starting point.